Prime Ministers of the Physical and Technical society

The President - Kuterbekov Kairat Atazhanovich

Members of the honorary Presidium of the Physical and Technical society:

Mukashev Bolat Nigmatovich

Koketai Temirgali Abildauly

Mukashev Kanat Mukashevich

Zhusupov Marat Abzhanovich

Murzagaliev Ginayat Zhumabaevich

Kozhamkulov Tolegen Abdisagievich

Isatayev Sovet Isataevich

Executive Director - Bekmyrza Kenzhebatyr Zhagiparuly

Regional offices:

Representation PTS in Western Kazakhstan - Shunkeev Kuanyshbek Shunkeevich

Representation PTS in Central Kazakhstan - Ibrayev Niyazbek Hamzievich

Representation office for the Caspian region in  Kazakhstan - Bizhanova Karlygash Baktybaevna

Representation PTS in Eastern Kazakhstan - Rakhadilov Bauyrzhan Korabayevich

Representation office in Southern Kazakhstan - Turmambekov Torebai Abdrakhmanovich

Representation office in Astana and Northern Kazakhstan - Nurkenov Serik Amangeldinovich

Representation office in Almaty - Aliyev Bahodir Azimjonovich

Representation office in Pavlodar - Ispulov Nurlybek Aidargalievich

Financial Department - Abeeva Aliya Koyanbaevna

The Republican Public Association (RPA) "Physico-technical society" (PTS) is a non-profit organization in the form of a public association  created as a result of voluntary association of citizens with the aim of achieving common goals that don't contradict the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The subject of PTS activity is:

1. development, publishing, distribution of educational, educational and methodological literature on the topic of physical and technical activity;

2. development and approval of training programs in the field of physical and technical activities;

3. study, generalization and dissemination of advanced native and foreign experience in the field of physical and technical activities, taking into account the existing achievements;

4.  organization of conferences, seminars, trainings, forums, round tables and other organizational events of the physical and technical direction;

5. carrying out of  scientifis researches, participating in international programs and projects, including grant programs.

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