100 New Faces of Kazakhstan

  • The government of the PhTS Representative Office in Astana and Northern Kazakhstan - Nurkenov Serik Amangeldinovich entered the list of "100 new faces of Kazakhstan".

    From November 2 to 15, 2018, online voting for the participants of the final stage of the project “100 New Faces of Kazakhstan” took place on the website www.100esim.el.kz.

    Serik Nurkenov - Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics of the Russian Federation; PhD in Physics; graduate of the Bolashak international program. He developed and obtained new thermally stable beryllium-based nano-coatings that have important practical applications in nuclear medicine, space and nuclear power engineering. Since 2009, he has been working at the Republican Diagnostic Center (now KF “University Medical Center” Nazarbayev University) in the department of nuclear medicine. He is the first medical physicist to carry out diagnostic studies using open sources of ionizing radiation in order to early diagnose cancer, cardiac and neurological diseases, assess the effectiveness of treatment, as well as identify metastatic lesions leading to changes in treatment tactics. For example, radioactive labeled substances (in other words, radiopharmaceuticals based on 18F-FDG), after being introduced into the body, are included in physiological and pathological processes, which allows them to quickly detect cancer processes (cancer cells) at the earliest stages. The data of a unique, highly accurate and informative PET / CT research began to be conducted for the first time in Kazakhstan since 2010.

    At present, with his participation, over 17 thousand examinations have been carried out, which made it possible to identify various “neoplasms” at the very early stages of the disease, and these are thousands of lives saved by citizens of our country. Serik Nurkenov carried out his research with the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was a participant and winner of republican and international competitions of young scientists.

    The results are published in rating journals with high impact factor, has more than 45 publications. In addition to the main activity, he works as a senior lecturer at the International Department of Nuclear Physics of the ENU. L.N. Gumilyov, he developed two special courses: "The Physical Basics of Nuclear Medicine" and "The Use of Nuclear Installations in Medicine", trained more than 15 graduate students and masters in medical physics. Takes part in public life: holds meetings with the public to clarify the annual messages of the Head of State, is a permanent member-moderator at the discussions “Health of Nations and Longevity”, head of the Astana branch of the Republican Physical-Technical Society; a member of the Bolashak Alumni Association. The main expert on the projects of NATR, ICTS and MES RK. He was the chairman of the Student Parliament in the East Kazakhstan region (1999-2003). She is engaged in swimming, leads an active healthy lifestyle.

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100 New Faces of Kazakhstan

The government of the PhTS Representative Office in Astana and Northern Ka