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RPA "Physico-technical society" of Kazakhstan is the leading scientific association of the Eurasian region, providing researches and obtaining advanced knowledge, training personnel for the development of priority sectors of the economy. The RPA "Physico-technical society" of Kazakhstan was founded on the initiative of leading researchers of the Republic of Kazakhstan on November 11, 2012.

Сonducted work:

During the work of the PTS, a large amount of work was done to develop the physical and technical direction and science-intensive technologies. Let's mention the main ones:  

  • Since 2012 four congresses of the RPA "Physico-technical Society" of Kazakhstan have been held, in which scientists and professors of  famous scientific centers of Europe, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, as well as leading universities of Kazakhstan participated.
  • Scientific contacts have been established with native and foreign scientific organizations and communities: memorandums of cooperation with the Turkish Physical Society, with the Physical Society of Kyrgyzstan, with the Intergovernmental International Organization "United Nuclear Research Institute" (Dubna, Russian Federation), with the Independent Accreditation Agency and rating of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NAAR) and others, the Association of Legal Entities "Coalition for a Green Economy and the Development of G-Global."
  • The international scientific conference "Solid State Physics" was resumed. This conference is held every 2 years. The Organizing Committee is headed by famous scientists - physicists of world level.
  • RPA "Physico-technical society" of Kazakhstan proposes to develop new science knowledge - intensive technologies developed by Kazakhstan scientists together with scientists and specialists of foreign countries, instead of a simple Technology Transfer. Only by developing new high technologies through active participation of Kazakhstan scientists themselves (in the form of joint venture, joint scientific target Programs and Projects), Kazakhstan can be overcome in time the role of the  catching-up country.
  • In recent years, special attention has been paid to the development of the physico-technical direction and science-intensive technologies from the President of the country and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This is due to the desire of Kazakhstan to join the 30 most competitive countries in the world. And this special responsibility applies to us, scientists - the physical and technical direction, since the Physico-technical Society unites the best professionals and specialists in this field of knowledge. To make a concrete contribution to the country's innovative development, to the development and creation of new science-intensive technologies and high-tech industries (rather than a simple transfer of technology) is the civil responsibility of members of the Physical and Technical Society of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • RPA "Physico-technical society" unites highly qualified physicists, chemists and other specialists. L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National Univdersity and RPA "Physical and Technical Society" of Kazakhstan plan to create "Eurasian interdisciplinary center of collective use of modern scientific equipment" in the field of natural sciences. The creation of such a uniform center is especially important for all universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. there will not be a special need to purchase expensive scientific equipment for each university separately, and all of them can have access to one uniform center of collective use. Highly qualified specialists of the center will ensure high-quality work of all the scientific equipment of the center.
  • The creation of the Eurasian Center for Collective Use will make it possible to strengthen the training of highly qualified personnel for regional universities and their appropriate technical equipment, which will greatly facilitate their passage during accreditation.
  • We are developing and implementing an action plan for the RPA "Physical and Technical Society" of Kazakhstan to become a member of the international organizations of the PTS (Europe, America, etc.), and also to become an active member of the Asian Physico-Technical Community.
  • We intend to actively involve young  perspective scientists in the field of physics and technology. PTS is actively engaged of attraction of young talented scientists of Kazakhstan - in MegaScience  projects of world level.
  • A scientific journal "Eurasian Journal of Physics and Functional Materials" was created. The co-founders of the journal are the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (Astana, Kazakhstan) and the Intergovernmental International Organization "Joint Institute for Nuclear Research" (Dubna, Russian Federation).

The scientific journal "Eurasian Journal of Physics and Functional Materials" (www.ephys.kz) is devoted to the publication of the results of scientific theoretical and experimental researches of authors in the relevant fields of physics and functional materials. 

The editorial board сonsiders the task of the journal in acquaintance of its readers with the current problems and achievements in the above-mentioned areas of physics. The editorial board selects for publication in the journal high-quality articles containing new scientific results of great interest to the community of physicists and scholars of interdisciplinary sciences. To publish of scientific articles in the journal - both Kazakh and foreign scientists and specialists are invited.


Chairman of the Board

Kuterbekov Kairat Atazhanovich


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